Kids are natural climbers.  They’ve been doing it since they were two years old, trying to climb everything in their path.  The excitement and thrill of a child’s first climb on real rock will stay with them for years.

The keys to a safe and successful day of climbing are qualified supervision and the right terrain.  You want your kids to be challenged but you also want to leave them with a feeling of success, that they were able to reach the top.  The right terrain will deliver both.   Ground Up Climbing Guides knows all the good spots for beginner climbers and will discuss your kids’ abilities and experience (indoor climbing?) and design the right outing so you get the most out of your day.


All of our guides are AMGA trained and have years of experience working with kids and families.  We’ll keep you safe, offer coaching and tips, and most importantly, focus on the fun and sense of adventure that only a day of rock climbing can offer.